It's always a risk to bet on winless team in the NFL and someone learned that lesson the hard way in Week 3 when they lost $1 million after making two $500,000 bets on the New York Giants. The two bets were placed with the DraftKings Sportsbook. 

With one of the bets, our gambling friend decided to bet on the Giants to cover the four-point spread. Basically, the Giants didn't even have to win the game, all they had to do was lose by three points or less and the bettor would have won some serious money (A four-point loss would have led to a push and the bettor would have gotten his money back). 

Unfortunately for our bettor, the Giants didn't come through for him in a 36-9 loss to the 49ers. Although this game was a blowout on the scoreboard, it was actually pretty close for the better part of three quarters. With five minutes left in the third quarter, the 49ers were only leading 16-9, but after that, the wheels fell off the wagon for the Giants and the blowout was on.