Ever wanted to know how to sneak into a Super Bowl? It may be easier than you think. Thanks to some lax security, two Savannah State University students were able to sneak into the Super Bowl last Sunday in New Orleans with cameras on their heads, claiming they were filming a documentary. There should have been numerous checkpoints, but each time the duo encountered people, they either talked their way past them or ignored them. In a video posted by the two, who used the code names "Kobe" and "LeBron", one can see how they get into the Superdome after parking their car. This first time they come upon security one of the men says "They should have stopped us, but they didn't." as they pass policemen and guards outside the stadium who do nothing. The pair gets to the stadium and a woman can be heard screaming, "No credentials, no entry!", so one of the guys asks if they can cut through another area before their credentials are checked, and a security guard lets them. There are a lot of corridors and passageways, but eventually they get inside the stadium and even have video of the field. If two men were able to sneak into the stadium, who's to say that others -- perhaps criminals or terrorists -- wouldn't be able to?