Matt Garza's displeasure with Eric Sogard over his seventh-inning squeeze bunt Saturday afternoon apparently spilled over onto Twitter as the right-hander attacked Sogard and the A's infielder's wife Kaycee. A string of messages from the Garza account @Gdueceswild slammed Sogard after @Kayceesogard posted a message about her husband and Garza after he had cursed at him following the squeeze play. Garza or someone with access to his account blasted Sogard for allowing his wife to defend him. In the rant Sogard is called a "punk" and "childish" for letting his wife interject and is reminded on two occasions that baseball is a "Mans game." The Sogards are also called "chumos" and Kaycee is told to keep her "trap shut." Posted later on Garza's account was a message saying that his competitive nature had gotten the best of him leading to the rant.