Miguel Sano reported to spring training Sunday, the three issues that complicate his 2018 season — health, weight and an assault investigation — seemingly reduced to two. Sano has been given medical clearance to engage in all baseball workouts with his teammates, his surgically reinforced left shin now completely healed, though the Twins intend to lighten his schedule to prevent any new injuries. They’d like to lighten something else, too: His “generous carriage,” as General Manager Thad Levine delicately put it last week. Sano’s conditioning understandably lags, after a winter largely spent incapacitated by the surgery. And further clouding the third baseman’s status is an investigation by the commissioner’s office into allegations made in December of an assault on a Twin Cities photographer 29 months ago, an incident Sano has denied. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has the power to impose penalties — fines, suspensions or sensitivity training, among other options — if he finds that evidence warrants it. But there is no public timeline for Manfred’s decision, and Sano said he has yet to be interviewed by MLB investigators.