Everyone’s looking for pitching, they say. But perhaps no one is looking for pitching with as much interest or enthusiasm as the Twins, who are targeting the very top pitchers on the rotation market and on the bullpen market — and hoping to add depth, as well. The Twins are looking at the two unquestionable top-of-the-rotation starters – Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta – as FanRag first reported – as well as next-tier starters Alex Cobb and Lance Lynn, plus others, and are looking at the top relievers, as well. Darvish and Arrieta are in a class by themselves on the free-agent market, and while the Twins like both pitchers, there are hints Darvish is No. 1 on their list and Arrieta perhaps No. 1A. Their GM, Thad Levine, was a big part of the contingent that brought Darvish to MLB with the Texas Rangers when Levine was the top assistant GM there, though they just may have a slightly higher evaluation of Darvish. The Twins, who improved to 85 wins from 59 in the first year of the new regime, have the benefit of an excellent young core and the confidence of the bosses — including club-owning Jim Pohlad — after such a stark improvement.