For the 43rd time this season, Joe Mauer came to the ballpark on Monday, July 23, and saw his name in the lineup as something other than the Twins' catcher. That's one more time than he has arrived to see that he'll be behind the plate. Mauer is essentially a part-time catcher now, spending more time away from the position he has helped redefine than he has at any point in his career. He's still adjusting to the changes in a routine he essentially has had since high school. But for the Twins, the important point is this: They've been able to write Mauer's name in 85 of their 96 starting lineups this season. And even Mauer admits the plan has helped keep him on the field. "If I was just strictly a catcher, I probably wouldn't have played as much," Mauer said. "The only games I've sat out is because of injury. Definitely, going over to first and DH'ing has helped me get out there more."