Minnesota Twins right-hander Jake Odorizzi believes it would be a good idea for Major League Baseball to establish a bubble for postseason play during the fall.

"You can't afford to have another (outbreak) during the regular season, let alone the postseason," Odorizzi said, according to Jayson Stark of The Athletic. "And I think with the bubble situation, if it's a playoff situation, it's much more easy to do mentally for guys. I mean, look at the NBA. Look at the NHL. I think they've done a good job with their bubbles. But also, they know it's a playoff situation, as opposed to the whole season.

"So as long as there's a good plan in place for that and it's all ironed out, I think it's a great idea, just because it limits the exposure. ... And it gives guys a little bit of comfort, knowing that you're going to be in one area, one hotel, back and forth to the stadium. And there are less outside things that can happen when you're in that situation."