The Twins need an extra starting pitcher for their doubleheader Friday in Chicago. Anthony Swarzak announced his candidacy for that vacancy Saturday first on the mound and later in the clubhouse. “I would love the opportunity to start. I will never let that go” the 27-year-old righthander said after dominating the Astros for three innings giving the Twins the opportunity to rally for a second night in a row and claim a 6-4 victory at Target Field. “Maybe I should for my own good.” Maybe he should for the team’s good at least for the moment or so goes his manager’s thinking. “I just said the same thing — that guy’s really throwing the ball well for us” Ron Gardenhire said of the prospect of Swarzak pitching his way out of the bullpen. “But a lot of times when a guy does that you leave him where he’s at because he’s eating huge innings for us. ... He’s so valuable with what he’s doing now.” And if he can’t be a starter maybe he could be assistant pitching coach. Swarzak said he offered a little advice to Twins starter Kyle Gibson after his second ugly start in a row a four-run nine-hit outing over three innings that put the Twins in a 4-3 hole.