Whereas it seemed like a strong possibility two months ago, the probability of the Twins trading Max Kepler has been significantly reduced. Even with a roster full of similar players, the Twins appear content to keep Kepler.

With Joey Gallo’s signing in December, the Twins are fully stocked on left-handed hitting corner outfielders. Kepler, Gallo, Trevor Larnach, Matt Wallner and Nick Gordon are all capable defenders on the 40-man roster who hit from the left side. Finding enough at-bats for everyone could be challenging.

Yet before Gallo joined them on a one-year deal, team sources said the Twins considered trading Kepler if the right deal was offered. With salaries soaring, the toolsy veteran on a friendly contract and his overall production steady enough, the Twins believed the market for Kepler would yield a return that could aid the club in other ways.

But the desired interest hasn’t been there and with spring training two weeks away, indications are that the Twins plan to move forward with Kepler, who produced 2.0 WAR last season despite batting only .227/.318/.348 with nine home runs in 446 plate appearances.

“There’s a lot of guys who might be listed as outfielders who play other positions, or play in the infield,” Twins president of baseball operations Derek Falvey said Friday. “With the open (designated hitter) spot and guys that could rotate through that as well, we feel like … that could be a strength of our team. Feels like we’re in a good position overall.”

The Twins have proven to be creative in the past and undoubtedly will find ways to justify keeping Kepler on their roster. But no matter how they paint the picture, the situation is far from ideal.