Justin Turner was down but not out. The Mets infielder survived a collision with left fielder Andrew Brown in the first inning of Friday night’s nightcap of a doubleheader but with his shoulder and leg barking was eventually removed for defensive purposes during the Mets’ 2-1 loss to the Nationals. Turner who was playing shortstop collided with Brown while catching Denard Span’s pop-up in the first inning. Turner lay on the field motionless afterward and was examined by trainer Ray Ramirez but continued until the seventh inning when Omar Quintanilla replaced him at short. “It’s almost like a charley horse in my shoulder and a charley horse in my leg” Turner said. “It just gradually kept getting tighter and tighter and in a tie ballgame going later in the game I talked to [manager] Terry [Collins] and he wanted to get Omar in there especially for defensive purposes.” Turner expects to be available Saturday.