Evan Turner was really bad Friday night. He shot 5 for 22, for goodness sake, in Game 4 of the Sixers' Eastern Conference semifinal series against Boston. But he was also really good. He scored half of his 16 points in that monstrous 37-16 second-half run, which took the Sixers from 18 down early in the third quarter to three up with nine minutes left, en route to an unlikely 92-83 victory. More bad: Four of his shots were blocked – two each by Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. And more good: He claimed nine rebounds. Had to be the best bad night of his brief NBA career. Or the worst good one. "I guess," he said. "Again, you can't worry about shots. Last game I was missing shots (going 1 for 10 and scoring four points in the Game 3 loss). This game, I missed some. They were going in and out and stuff. That's life. Who cares?" Which is the whole point. The game was as much about will as skill, as much about persevering, for him and everyone else. "Five-for-22, and he kept grinding away," Elton Brand said. "He hit some shots in that third quarter, when we were kind of bleeding and needed some shots. He has to do that. He has to be aggressive. That's what they're giving us. He has to take those shots. I was proud of him."