The clamoring from the owner, media and fans for rookie Ekpe Udoh to eat into the minutes of unproductive Andris Biedrins were amplified so much last week that Warriors coach Keith Smart couldn't hear himself think. So right in the middle of practice, Smart muted the echoes of bouncing balls and the deafening squeaks of sneakers on the hardwood. He removed the voices swirling in his head and all but three players from the court. In that silence, the Warriors might have found some answers. "Coach kicked everybody else out of the drill. It was just me, Monta (Ellis) and Biedrins," point guard Stephen Curry said. "We produced a lot of trust between the three of us. We believe that Biedrins will finish plays when we give him the ball, and he believes that we're going to look to get him the ball." The Warriors' center position has been the center of attention for all of the wrong reasons the past couple of seasons. Production dipped so much that the position was headed toward becoming a center of contention. Since that three-man drill last week, however, Biedrins has responded with consecutive double-doubles for the first time since January 2009. At least for the present, he has staved off the quick-charging Udoh, who continues to show glimpses of the rim-protecting, back-to-the-basket scorer for which the franchise has longed.