The 2022 NFL season is a very important one for Tua Tagovailoa. The Heisman Trophy winner has been under the bright spotlight of heavy scrutiny in his first three professional seasons. The biggest critique of Tagovailoa's performance so far is his weak arm, incapable of hitting receivers deep down the field or zinging passes into tight windows. But some slack must be cut for the QB given the weak roster around him over that same timespan.

That excuse is out the window this year after the Miami Dolphins gave up a haul to acquire Tyreek Hill. His game-breaking speed makes the game easy for any quarterback regardless of skill level and it'll be on Tagovailoa to take advantage of that. The Dolphins posted a hype video of sorts on Tuesday evening, showcasing the Tua-to-Tyreek connection they hope will define the next few seasons. The problem with this hype video is that it pretty clearly shows Tagovailoa underthrowing Hill.