Sam Hinkie has been out of the NBA for almost two years now. In that period of time his former 76ers team has broken through and in many ways met what his visions were. They're a young, growing team with potential for the future and they have star-caliber players on the roster like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. It sounds like "The Process" was successful in that sense. However, Hinkie's relationships with others across the NBA wasn't good. He reportedly rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and eventually it led to the NBA and ownership stepping in to demote him. Hinkie eventually resigned. To many, this felt like the end of his career, but Hinkie doesn't see that. Hinkie told The Ringer he would love to come back to the NBA, but the circumstances have to be right: When you winnow the NBA, there aren't many potential opportunities. But when I told him it sounded like he wouldn't go back unless he could run his own shop, he pushed back a bit.