Thanksgiving Day featured three football games between the Vikings and Lions, Chargers and Cowboys and Giants and Redskins. Although three NFC East games would normally be a ratings boom, a lot of factors suggested this year may be different. The Lions and the Vikings were the most compelling game, with the Lions effectively fighting for their division lives. The Cowboys have been an unmitigated disaster since Ezekiel Elliott's suspension, and the Giants have just been an unmitigated disaster. All of this to say: Thanksgiving Day did not feature the best football. Breitbart, however, thinks the poor ratings are due to protests, and Donald Trump retweeted an article shared by Dan Scavino Jr. about the NFL's poor ratings, pinning them on the Giants' Olivier Vernon taking a knee (while a serviceman sang the anthem). Trump didn't stop there, however. He also workshopped Texans owner Bob McNair's "inmates running the asylum" quote, saying that "players are the boss!" of the NFL. Vernon, of course, has been kneeling since Week 3 so this protest isn't necessarily news. And the lack of support for Thanksgiving games has a lot of factors beyond this protest.