Troy Tulowitzki wants Ryan Braun to come clean and explain why he accepted his 65-game suspension last month. But the Rockies all-star shortstop remains friends with the disgraced former National League Most Valuable Player and said Braun never disparaged the man who collected his urine sample that tested positive during the 2011 playoffs. Yahoo! Sports wrote that Braun tried to curry support with players including Tulowitzki the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp and the Reds’ Joey Votto by alleging that Dino Laurenzi Jr. the sample collector was anti-Semitic and a Cubs fan. “He never say anything like that to me or asked for my support” Tulowitzki said after reading the story on Monday. “I talked to him throughout the whole process. It was more as a friend. It wasn’t anything more than that. He never tried to change my opinion on the subject or anything like that. It was more of me saying ‘Hey how is this going? Is this taking a toll on you?’^” Braun is expected to address his suspension for the first time soon. He issued a statement the day he was banned for the remainder of this season. “I think everybody in baseball wants him to get whatever out that he needs to get out. Hopefully he does it the right way” Tulowitzki said. Tulo and Braun were drafted the same year and have known each other since college. They competed for National League Rookie of the Year honors in 2007 with Braun edging the shortstop. Braun avoided a suspension prior to the 2012 season when an arbiter ruled that MLB violated chain-of-custody protocol with his urine sample. He accepted a season-ending suspension last month for his connection to the shuttered Biogenesis lab that provided players with performance-enhancing drugs.