Let Troy Aikman serve up an assessment of Coach Prime.

“He’s kind of an old soul that is so relatable to today’s athlete,” the Hall of Fame quarterback said of Deion Sanders, the rookie Jackson State coach.

“It’s a wonderful combination. I’m trying to think who else might be like that, to have been away from the game for as long as he has been, but is still very relevant as a player with this generation. Can you think of anybody?

"If I’m relevant, it’s because they see me as a broadcaster. They know I played, but they don’t relate to me as a player as much. When it comes to Deion, you’ve still got kids doing the 'Prime Time' dance when they get to the end zone.”

Count Aikman, the top pick in the same 1989 NFL draft class with Sanders who won a Super Bowl with him on the Cowboys, among a legion of figures in NFL circles taking a keen interest in Jackson State football. Aikman even hopped on his private jet, with former Cowboys guard Nate Newton in tow, to witness Sanders’ debut in late February, and plans a return visit.