Superstar outfielder Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels have agreed on a six-year deal, and sources say the deal is worth $144.5 million. The team announced the deal late Friday night for what is generally seen as baseball's best all-around player. The record deal for a player yet to get to the arbitration process will cover three arbitration years and three free-agent years. The deal will be viewed as a big win for the Angels, who need to keep their best player under contract as long as possible. Trout will have the chance to hit the free-agent market at age 29, setting himself up for another megadeal, assuming he doesn't sign an another extension before then. Trout, 22, finished second to Miguel Cabrera in AL MVP voting the last two seasons. Trout will make $1 million this year in a deal agreed upon a month ago. The six-year deal will begin in 2015.