It was a question that was joking in nature to Nashville coach Barry Trotz. When asked if he was ready to get into a tussle with new Colorado coach Patrick Roy who got into a shouting match with Anaheim’s Bruce Boudreau last night Trotz decided to comment on Roy’s tactics. Per the Ducks Twitter feed Boudreau expressed his annoyance that Roy was yelling at Anaheim players. Trotz — who has a high level of respect for Boudreau — took the Ducks coach’s side. When reading this keep in mind the Predators play Roy’s Avalanche tomorrow in Denver. Here is the quote: “I can tell you this there’s no room for coaches yelling at opposition players in this league. That’s not professional and it shouldn’t be tolerated. I’d hate to see (St. Louis Rams coach) Jeff Fisher who is a friend of mine yapping at some football player and he comes over and whacks him. There’s no place for that in the game and I don’t think it should be tolerated at all. If you want to be professional we’re the best league in the world we’re the classiest league in the world and we should act that way.” Roy is in the Hockey Hall of Fame and arguably the greatest playoff goaltender of all time. This is his first year coaching Colorado and is seen as somewhat of a wild card in the newly formed Central Division.