It looked as if Trey Burke was dealt a good hand when he began his NBA career back in 2013. But after a great rookie season came only tribulation for the young point guard. Burke was an all-rookie first-team selection, after positing 12.8 points and 5.7 assists in his first year with the Jazz. He looked to be their future starting point guard, especially with 68 starts in the 82-game season. However, the Jazz drafted Dante Exum, another point guard, in 2014. That draft pick was the start to Burke having to build up his mental toughness. "Being 20 years old, it messed me up a little bit mentally, and I think 80 percent of the game is mental," Burke told The Post's Fred Kerber. "When you're going out there with that on your conscience, you're not going to be the best version of yourself. "Through experience I think I learned how to handle those type of trials [and] adversities. It's made me the player I am today." It wasn't an easy road, though, for Burke to fight through those tribulations. He did play in 76 games in 2014, but saw only 43 starts. Then, in 2015, he strictly came off the bench in the 64 games he played.