Trey Burke has heard the chatter that he’s not athletic enough. As that sentiment seeps out, whether from team personnel to the NBA writers or simply from analysts, the former Michigan guard dismisses that. “I think a lot of people say that based off of testing numbers from the combine,” Burke said Friday in a video posted by the Sacramento King following their individual workout with him. In six athletic tests at the May combine in Chicago, he rated in the Top 20 of only two – eight in the ¾ court sprint and 20th in the lane agility drill. “That’s testing,” he said. “On the court, in my opinion, is totally different. Change of speed with the ball and things like that. That’s a natural strength of mine. If you watch back at Michigan, even though this is another level, anytime I got to the rim it was change of speed, ball handling, craftiness and things like that. That’s their opinion. I feel like I am just as athletic as the guys my size. I’m not a super athlete like Derrick Rose and things like that. That’s their opinion and I’ll try to prove them wrong.” The off-court numbers focus has apparently affected Burke’s projection. “The past few weeks, Burke has been getting major competition from Syracuse's Michael Carter-Williams for the title of best point guard in the draft,”’s Chad Ford wrote on Friday. “Carter-Williams has risen to No. 7 in our rankings, just one spot below Burke… Why? Sources say a number of teams that rely heavily on analytics have Carter-Williams rated higher than Burke. While both players look good in the various analytical approaches teams employ, Carter-Williams is coming up at No. 1 and No. 2 overall on several teams' reports. For teams that value analytics, that's a big deal.”