Trey Burke connected strongly with five NBA teams, but only one didn’t need to work him out: The Detroit Pistons. With Burke, they only had a conversation, allowing the rest of the Pistons’ brass to get to know him as well as president of basketball operations Joe Dumars already did. Burke and Dumars’ son, Jordan, became friends at U-M – Jordan Dumars was no longer playing basketball because of injuries – and he met Joe Dumars through that relationship. But the NBA draft is a group decision, so the meeting was important, especially if Burke will be there for the Pistons at No. 8. “It went great,” Burke said at the Westin Times Square Hotel in New York City. “It was just a meeting, it wasn’t a workout. They pretty much interviewed me like the interviews in Chicago (at the May NBA draft combine), asking me about myself. Joe obviously already knew me and everyone else just wanted to get a chance to find out who I was and explain my whole life, how I got involved in basketball and the who Michigan experience. What I think I can bring to the team, what I think I can work on. It was a great meeting as a whole.” Knowing Dumars smoothed over the meeting. “Me already having conversations with Joe and having a distant relationship with him through his son, I was more comfortable going in their offices and talking with them. When I left, I think they all got a sense of who I was,” Burke said. As for the lack of a workout, which he had done for Orlando (No. 2), Phoenix (No. 5), New Orleans (No. 6), and Sacramento (No. 7), he said the topic never came up, but the Pistons said they had seen him quite a bit during the season.