Stars coach Lindy Ruff said this morning that the upper body injury to Trevor Daley could keep the veteran defenseman out of some regular season games. Daley was hurt during Friday’s pre-season game in San Antonio. He is having treatment but is missing practice now. “It looks like Trevor will miss a little bit of time” Ruff said. “I don’t think he’ll be able to start the season but it won’t be a long time.” Daley had neck surgery in the off-season where a piece of bone from his hip was placed in his spine. However that does not to seem to be his issue now. Daley said it’s an aggravation of an old injury and he said he would like to be ready for the season opener Oct. 3. “I don’t think so. I’m hoping not” Daley said when asked about missing regular season games. “Give it two days and hopefully have a better idea after two days.” “I’m feeling better” Daley said. “Hopefully two days of shutting it down and x-rays came back really good so I was happy to hear that.” Daley added that he wanted to be cautious: “I don’t want to play hurt so I’ll try to get healthy.”