Manager Terry Francona said Trevor Bauer will start Game 1 of the AL Division Series for the Indians on Thursday night at Progressive Field. The rest of the rotation will go as follows: Corey Kluber in Game 2 on Friday, Carlos Carrasco in Game 3 on Sunday and Josh Tomlin in Game 4 on Monday. There was speculation that Bauer (17-9, 4.19) could start Game 1 over Cy Young contender Kluber (18-4, 2.25), the Indians' ace. Francona turned the speculation into fact before Tuesday's workout. "We're going to start out with Trevor in Game 1, Kluber in Game 2, Carrasco in Game 3 and Tomlin in Game 4," said Francona. "Saying that, we've gotten a little creative with our roster so Tomlin will be available in the bullpen for the first couple of games so the Game 4 starter could change. "Then Trevor could be available later in the series as a starter or reliever. We're trying to get as much flexibility as we can. No. 1, you want to win every game. No. 2, you don't know about weather this time of the year." Bauer started Game 1 of the ALDS last year against Boston, but that was because Kluber was coming off a right hamstring injury. Francona said Kluber is starting Game 2 to keep him on his regular five days' rest. But Kluber, who started Saturday against the White Sox, would have been on his normal rest for Game 1 on Thursday. Kluber, by starting Game 2, would be on regular rest for Game 5, if needed, or he would be ready to start Game 1 in the ALCS if the Indians advance without the ALDS going the distance.