Trevor Bauer has been accused by a woman of assault but claims he is innocent. Purported text messages exchanged between the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher and the accuser appear to show the woman asking for Bauer to get physical with her and for him to give her “pain.” The text messages were allegedly exchanged between the first (April 21) and second (May 15) sexual encounter between Bauer and the woman. They were sent to Larry Brown Sports by Bauer’s representatives.

You can see the messages below (click to enlarge each one), along with some of the dated timestamps. In the exchanges, the messages written in white allegedly come from the accuser. Bauer’s alleged messages are written in blue. Larry Brown Sports has altered two portions of the messages — once to censor a photo shared by the woman in the exchange. The other alteration was to block the F-word twice. Note: the image included in the first screenshot is not of the woman, but just a stock GIF she shared that is available through a text message app.

Additionally, Bauer’s representatives shared with Larry Brown Sports a deleted tweet allegedly sent by the accuser to Bauer in the early morning of May 16, which would have been during their second encounter.

The alleged deleted tweet read: “Absolute diesel straight down the d–k kinda energy” (LBS censored one word in the tweet).

Police in Pasadena, Calif., which is where Bauer lives, are investigating the allegations.