Trevor Bauer, two days after making his decision, realized where he went wrong.

Bauer signed with the Dodgers Friday afternoon after many believed he would pick the Mets in the final two team showdown. The night before he made his decision, baseball reporters relayed information from their sources stating the Mets’ $100M offer would likely net the 2020 NL Cy Young award winner. The reports said the Mets were “confident” Bauer would be coming to Flushing, with USA Today even reporting Bauer to the Mets was a done deal. A link to purchasing Mets merch even appeared on Bauer’s linktree, attached to his Instagram page, on Friday, but was quickly taken down.

The Mets fan base was excited for a splashy move, but when the dust settled and Bauer introduced his pick wearing the Dodgers signature blue and white and not the Mets orange and blue, Mets fans were enraged. Every columnist on the east coast called out Bauer for using the Mets as leverage to get the deal he desired with his hometown Dodgers.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Bauer attempted to set the record straight. He issued an apology and recounted the events of Thursday and Friday from his point of view via his social media platforms. He also announced he would be donating $10K each to four charities in the Big Apple: Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, STEM Kids NYC, The Get Schooled Foundation and Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens.