The Cleveland Browns, by way of the Indianapolis Colts, will have the 26th pick in the first round of this year’s draft. The Browns get the pick because of the Trent Richardson trade in September. Here’s what the Colts got for giving up the first-round pick: 157 carries, 458 yards, 2.9 yards a carry, 32.7 yards a game, three touchdowns and a demotion. That’s not what many people envisioned when the biggest trade of the season happened prior to Week 3. I know some of you are ready to call the Richardson trade a complete failure. I’m not one of them. Will Richardson run like he did at Alabama? Probably not. I want to see Richardson after a complete offseason and training camp with the Colts. But the Browns are the winners as of this very moment. The Colts could use that first-round pick because they need help on the offensive and defensive line.