The Baltimore Ravens were carried to a Super Bowl title in 2000 by arguably the greatest defense in NFL history, and there was one particular playoff game where their offense was almost no help at all. That was apparently a result of Baltimore’s opponent having the answers to the test.

ESPN on Sunday night aired an excellent 30-for-30 documentary called “Bullies of Baltimore.” Most of what was included was filmed during a celebration the Ravens had back in May honoring their Super Bowl XXXV team. One of the most noteworthy moments in the documentary came when former Ravens quarterback Trent Dilfer told the story of how former Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams stole Dilfer’s playbook during the 2000 season.

Dilfer recalled how his playbook inexplicably went missing following the Ravens’ 24-23 win over the Titans in Week 11. He said he knew there was no way he lost it and was confident someone stole it out of the locker room in Tennessee.