With all the talk around the NHL regarding concussions and other head injuries, David Booth is proof that players can come back from such injuries if they are treated correctly. Booth has come back strong after missing big chunks of the 2009-10 season after sustaining two major concussions. The biggest one came in November of that season when he was blindsided by Philadelphia's Mike Richards in open ice. Booth made what, to him, was a slow comeback, returning to the ice Jan. 31. It turns out, Booth probably rushed things. Booth's season came to a close in March as he was walloped by Montreal's Jaroslav Spacek along the boards. That concussion, however, allowed Booth to truly take some time off. He spent most of the summer taking it easy and not stressing his brain too much. Booth slowly got back into his intense physical regimen and impressed the Panthers with how good he looked coming into training camp. Booth, who doesn't like talking about last season, said the time away made him appreciate the game that much more. "It was my goal to play in all 82 games this year and I'm still fighting to do just that,'' Booth said. "I just get more comfortable in every game I play. It's good to be playing again. Last year was just so messed up. I might as well have missed the whole season. I played in 10 games then practiced for two months. I knew this year would be tough but I demand more of myself than others demand of me.'' The Panthers were rightfully worried not only for Booth's health and future, but for what he could bring to the ice this season. Coach Pete DeBoer said he was going to take it slow with Booth, but that usually doesn't happen as Booth seems to have one speed.