Everyone knows it’s just a matter of time before Patrick Mahomes supplants Alex Smith as the quarterback of the Chiefs. And even though Smith is having one of the best years of his carer, anticipation is building for the debut of Mahomes. Fueling the anticipation? High praise from key offensive players like tight end Travis Kelce. “Pat’s right there trying to learn everything he can from Alex and Alex is trying to help him out as much as he can,” Kelce said in an interview that aired on Wednesday’s PFT Live. “But I think what Alex has done best is he’s been running this offense to a ‘T.’ So he’s showing Patrick just how to execute it and what Mahomes does in practice is just unbelievable. I mean what kind of behind-the-scenes stuff that you guys haven’t seen on Sundays is Mahomes is getting better, getting more fluent, getting more comfortable just being a professional athlete and understanding the scheme and the timing, how long the seasons are, stuff like that. He’s gauging all this stuff and I think when he gets on the field eventually knowing that he is going to get the keys to the car eventually, everyone knows that, and when he does I can’t wait to see just how good he is.” That assessment makes an inherently awkward situation even more potentially awkward, but Smith continues to help his potential replacement prepare to replace him.