Every year at the Super Bowl, EA Sports throws a killer shindig that features high-level music being played along with the "Madden Bowl," a battle between competitive gamers and professional athletes to see who is better at virtual football. This year's party involved a couple of Pro Bowl players in Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Saints running back Alvin Kamara going at it with their respective teams. And in the process of competing, Kelce even went next level and changed quarterbacks for his Chiefs squad, introducing Patrick Mahomes as Kansas City's starter. It's a move that reeks of realism, what with Alex Smith being traded to the Redskins just a few days earlier. The phrase "bench" is cruel! And, while technically accurate, not entirely on point (not that we would question the venerable Dan Hellie's reporting): we spoke with Kelce on Radio Row Friday and the tight end said it was actually Kamara's idea to play with Smith.