Sources tell Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that the transition tag for Redskins QB Kirk Cousins is “not considered a viable option” next year. According to Rapoport, Cousins will either be franchised at the cost of $34.5 million or allowed to depart in free agency. Rapoport says that depending on how Cousins plays during the remainder of the season will ultimately determine whether he’s franchised or allowed to sign elsewhere. Right now, Washington is dealing with a long list of injuries, but if he can will his team to a few wins over the remainder of the season, Rapoport says he’ll “solidify his standing as the ‘Skins star for the future and his contract will be in line with what other elite passers get (Lions quarterback Matt Stafford’s extension averages $27 million per year).” Otherwise, the Redskins may deem Cousins not worthy of the $34.5 million he’d get under the franchise tag next year. The two parties will have to wait until the season is over in order to open contract negotiations and Rapoport says this won’t happen until the Redskins are forced to decide on the franchise tag by March 6.