On Monday, a transgender completely rocked Big Baller Brand to its core when Marina Fuentes stated she had been hooking up LiAngelo Ball on the low for quite some time.

Transgender Vegas girl/boy Marina Fuentes took to Instagram recently and blasted the Big Baller Brand middle child about their sexual relationship and how she has a sex tape of both of them getting it on.

Via Sports Gossip:

“Transgender Vegas bottle host Marina Fuentes, who partied with LiAngelo Ball in Vegas last month, weighed in on his ex-girlfriend Izzy Morris and current girlfriend Jalen Owens’ fight.

Fuentes calls herself Gelo’s “main course in Vegas” and if she should release a sex tape she says they made. She made sure to tag both Morris and Owens in the post.”

It turns out, that was just the tip of the ice berg, because Fuentes is working on a new reality tv show called, ‘Vegas Social,’ where she plans to talk about her relationship with LiAngelo and several other high-profiled athletes and musicians.