Trae Young is the first college star whose formative years as a basketball player existed in this Stephen Curry ecosystem. The Oklahoma Sooners’ freshman phenom was 14 years old when Curry started setting the NBA on fire. It started in 2012-13 when the Golden State Warriors’ soon-to-be megastar began lighting up everybody. He infamously burned down the Denver Nuggets’ 56-win team that led to a mass exodus top to bottom. Two years later, Curry became the MVP and won his first title. The year after that, he won the first unanimous MVP award in league history. A year later, he won his second NBA championship. During all this time, people talked about how Curry’s stardom could affect the youth of today and the players of tomorrow. Would kids just chuck 3-pointers left and right without regard for traditional shot selection? Would basketball become ruined? Young plays like the first true product of this phenomenon. Not someone who just decided to start jacking pull-up 3-pointers in nontraditional ways, but someone whose game became crafted by the star taking over the league. Young has had a ridiculous start to his college career, which will be brief.