Jordan Zimmermann is probably untradeable. Probably. But it might be for the best. First let’s talk a bit about the past. A little more than four years ago the same statement could have been said of Prince Fielder, fresh off a disappointing performance in 2013 and coupled with comments that left the Tigers’ fanbase questioning the commitment of the team’s $214 million man. Former GM Dave Dombrowski found a way, shipping Fielder and $30 million to Texas for second baseman Ian Kinsler. Although injuries eventually cut Fielder’s career short, you had to marvel at the time about how the Tigers dodged an expensive mistake. Imagine if they’d had to pay him $24 million a year until 2020 on top of all the other pricey, inefficient contracts. And that’s even with Fielder putting up an OPS of .868 (and 136 OPS+, meaning Fielder hit 36 percent better than average) during his time in Detroit. Can lightning strike twice, with Zimmermann owed $74 million over the next three years? Boston Globe columnist Nick Cafardo suggested Sunday that Zimmermann’s former team, the Nationals, might be interested in his return. The overwhelming sentiment in Detroit is likely a combination of “where do I sign up?” and “does Zimmermann need a ride to the airport?” During his first year in Detroit, Zimmermann posted an ERA of 4.87. This came as a great disappointment for a player meant to help pitch the Tigers back into the postseason. This season, that figure climbed to 6.08. That he was somehow still worth more than a replacement player (0.6 WAR, per Baseball Reference) makes you question the credibility of the stat. Of course, comparing Fielder and Zimmermann would be apples to oranges.