It's no secret the Bears don't have a truly complete team and have quite a few holes they need to fill before they can make a run at the Super Bowl (and no, I'm not referring to the sieve that is the offensive line - at least, not completely). So, is trading down from the 20th pick a good idea for the Bears? Let's consider for a second the logic behind a team trading up in the draft - you trade up to get a guy that your team really really likes or could be a true stud - oftentimes, these coincide. Then consider where the Bears are drafting, at 20. The twentieth pick isn't exactly the Island of Draft Pick Studs over here; you can find a good player there, to be sure, but players like Julio Jones and Robert Griffin III, the last two players teams traded a bounty of picks to pick up, don't often last to that point. Jones and Griffin sure didn't. The players in that range look more like Shea McClellin, Kendall Wright, Chandler Jones, Brandon Weeden, Riley Reiff, David DeCastro, Prince Amukamara, Adrian Clayborn, Phil Taylor, Anthony Castonzo, Danny Watkins, Sean Witherspoon, Kareem Jackson, Jermaine Gresham, Demaryius Thomas, Bryan Bulaga and Dez Bryant. Those are the players generally drafted between 19 and 24 over the last three seasons and yes, that list in 2010 stopped just before Tim Tebow.