Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise the subject of trading Jimmy Garoppolo made its way onto the sports talk show circuit this week. Given the Patriots’ struggles on defense through the first four games, it’s fair to wonder about the potential help a Garoppolo deal might bring. CBS Sports NFL reporter Jason LaCanfora first tossed the notion out there Sunday night after the Pats lost to the Carolina Panthers. But is a Garoppolo trade before the Oct. 31 deadline all that realistic, even if the defense remains the worst in the NFL? Let’s just say Bill Belichick would never feel that desperate. It’s hard to fathom him being compelled to use his best trade chip, the same one he refused to peddle prior to the draft when the Cleveland Browns came calling armed with multiple picks in the early rounds. If Belichick shooed everyone away six months ago when he could have gotten a big return, don’t hold your breath on a Garoppolo deal happening now. This would be a panic move, and Belichick does not make panic moves. Granted, he hasn’t always made the best deals, but he won’t lose an asset out of desperation. That’s definitely not his style. Plus, what would really be the gain? At this stage of the season, is Jimmy G going to land them the cure-all to fix the defense? Will he get them a stud pass rusher? Is someone of Von Miller’s caliber coming in return? Even if a Garoppolo deal nets them some help out on the edge, trading Tom Brady’s backup doesn’t address the other issues that have been plaguing the back end of the defense.