Luka Doncic is one of the greatest players in the game right now, having made 3 All-Star Teams and 3 All-NBA Teams. The undisputed greatest all-around perimeter player in the game right now, Luka Doncic has dominated the game for nearly four years so far. Despite being a sensational scorer at 6’7” and 230 lbs, Luka is mainly known as a pass-first superstar who makes others around him better. That is proven because he has led the Dallas Mavericks into the playoffs for the last three years.

Last year, Luka made the Western Conference Finals at 23 years old. He has a God-given ability to succeed on the floor with the Mavericks, and that is why the Mavericks organization is scrambling to put together a team of contenders with Christian Wood and Spencer Dinwiddie coming into town in recent years, but there are some current players in the game today that would be perfect partners for the Slovenian.

Luka Doncic made a very interesting comment about his future with the Dallas Mavericks, and fans immediately debate who would be the perfect co-star with one of the best players in the NBA.

While it is very unlikely that Doncic will get a chance to play with these players, it would be to his benefit if he somehow placed himself in a position to play alongside his perfect teammates. Here are the superstar players Luka Doncic would benefit from playing with, starting with All-Star big man Anthony Davis.


Anthony Davis

Career Statistics: 23.9 PPG, 10.3 RPG, 2.3 APG, 1.4 SPG, 2.3 BPG

Anthony Davis led the Lakers in scoring during their 2020 championship run. He put up 26.1 PPG on 50.3% shooting and finished 10th overall in scoring. He was efficient from the field, nailing 50.3% of his shots from the field and 84.6% from the stripe. From three, Davis shot 33.0% which is strong for a player in his position. With all these facts in place, it is clear the big man has once-in-a-generation talent as a power forward. His stock has fallen in recent years, but the man can still score and play with the best of them. His recent play over the last 4 games is also evidence that Davis still has a superstar impact when motivated.