The NBA’s 75th season is upon us and while all 30 teams in the league enter the new year with playoff/championship aspirations, some dreams just do not become reality. The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets enter the year as two heavy favorites to reach the NBA Finals, but they may not be the only teams to keep an eye on all year long. 

The Philadelphia 76ers and Utah Jazz finished with the best records in the Eastern and Western Conferences, respectively, last season, and both the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns are the reigning Conference Champions. 

There is a lot to talk about league-wide in terms of contending teams and one of those topics is potential trade situations to monitor heading into the new year. Every team around the league is always trying to get a leg up on each other when it comes to talent on their roster, hence why we could once again see a lot of trades made this season. 

It is worth mentioning the situation going on in Philadelphia right now pertaining to Ben Simmons. The team is continuing to field offers for the 3x All-Star, but there are no indications that he will be traded early on this season.

Maybe after his recent suspension and attitude towards the team, the front-office will change their viewpoints on this matter, but right now, Simmons is a member of the Philadelphia 76ers and he will be through the first few weeks of the season. 

So who could possibly be on the move this year and which trade situations should fans watch closely as the season tips off on Tuesday night? Let’s take a look at some of the latest trade rumors around the league.


Kyrie Irving – Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets do not really have anything to worry about heading into the 2021-22 NBA season in terms of how their roster looks, but they could wind up being without Kyrie Irving for the entire 2021-22 season. Irving is not vaccinated and as a result, he is ineligible to play in Nets’ home games this year per New York City vaccine mandates.

While he can practice with the team and play in away games, the Brooklyn Nets have stated that they will not be using Kyrie Irving as a “part-time” player this season and as a result, he is out indefinitely until he either gets the vaccine or until New York lifts their vaccine mandates. 

Kyrie Irving being out does not affect the Nets as much as it would affect other teams in this league because of the fact that they have two former league-MVPs in James Harden and Kevin Durant, but this is still a big blow to this team.