The Blues are looking to add offense this summer. As luck would have it, many proven scorers are in play this summer -- especially via the trade route. Most of the current Blues scuttlebutt is centered on Ottawa center Jason Spezza. He is looking for a fresh start and the Senators are willing to accommodate him as part of an offseason overhaul. Spezza has become a whipping boy for fans and media types frustrated by Ottawa's inability to win more. That is one reason why he wants out. "I think there's a couple of things: Certainly the fact that he's been in Ottawa for 11 years now and he thinks that he's been pointed out more often than a lot as far as what's happened with the team," general manager Bryan Murray told the Ottawa Sun, "He's the star and that happens. Maybe he listens to the people too often and he's kind of the mind that 'if I go elsewhere I won't be that guy' and won't be quite as evident." The Sun listed the Blues and Ducks as the favorites to trade for Spezza. The Senators could decide between taking back size (Patrik Berglund?) or speed (Andrew Cogliano?) in the return package. The Senators also want a No. 1 pick and a prospect in a Spezza deal. The Blues are slated to pick 21st overall in the coming NHL Draft and the Ducks pick in the No. 24 slot. The Sun reports that Calgary made a pitch for Spezza, but it fell short. Then there is a very good question of whether Spezza would accept a trade to that rebuilding team.