A little trade isn't going to stop Mark Trumbo from celebrating an annual tradition. Trumbo was traded by the Angels to the Diamondbacks on Dec. 10, but the deal didn't stop the slugger from taking part in the Angels'€™ annual Children'€™s Holiday Party at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. The 27-year-old has attended the event since his days in the Los Angeles minor league system, so he asked the club's public relations department if he could still participate this year despite being shipped to Arizona a day prior. "€œI did expect it to be maybe a tad strange, but then again, it would only be the adults that would probably find it a little bit strange, because the kids are just happy to be there,"€ Trumbo told MLB.com'€™s Alden Gonzalez. "€œIt was cool. It was a little strange not putting the uniform on, but it was good nonetheless. I went in with an open mind, hoping for a good experience, and that's exactly how it turned out." Trumbo, wearing a plaid shirt this time around rather than an Angels jersey, reportedly read Christmas stories, signed autographs and gave high-fives to 200 or so under-served children from the L.A. area. It was a fitting goodbye for a kid who grew up just down the road.