Chris Paul is not fooling anyone. He continues to refuse to blame injuries for his struggles in the Western Conference semifinals against, but it's obvious his right hip flexor and right groin injuries are severely limiting his maneuverability. No one will ever know if a healthy Paul would have made a dramatic difference in this series, but it's safe to say it hasn't helped the Clippers that Paul is a fraction of his usual self right now. He isn't able to conjure up that extra boast to burst past defenders off the dribble, and when he gets in the lane he doesn't have the explosion to power up for better shots. Paul made only 5 of 17 shots Saturday and had three turnovers. It was another game in which he played very un-Paul like. Still, he didn't make excuses. "I'm fine, I'm good," he said. "I'm just missing shots right now. But I'm fine." Paul said he continues to be aggressive. The results just aren't reflecting the effort.