Hell may be freezing over. (Or maybe I just turned the air conditioner up too high.) Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that receiver Terrell Owens‘ agent has been talking to a “bunch of teams” but that it’s not clear whether anyone will sign him. At the risk of once again being dubbed Satan or something comparable (or worse) by Owens it’s not that hard for an agent to talk to a “bunch of teams” about a client. The agent picks up the phone dials the number of a front-office employee of a team and talks to the front-office employee about the client. Repeat those steps with multiple teams and eventually the agent can truthfully say he has talked to a “bunch of teams” about the player. Share that reality with the media and maybe the talk turns in to interest. Owens hired Jordan Woy last year who helped Owens get a short-term stint in training camp and the preseason with the Seahawks. He didn’t make it past the first wave of roster cuts. Woy thinks the outcome this year will be different if Owens gets signed.