Rangers coach John Tortorella’s theme in his pre-game presser, no doubt intended to bolster his team, which trails the Capitals 2-0 in their Eastern Conference quarterfinal heading into tonight’s Game 3 and was outscored 4-1 in the first two games with their goal drought at 111 minutes, 16 seconds, is that this series is much more even than what the scoreboard might indicate. And, if you missed it, there’s no word yet on the Rangers’ lineup for Game 3. “Playoff series is momentums within the game,” Tortorella said. “What if Rick Nash scores his goal in the third period there off the post (in Game 2, a 1-0 Capitals win in OT), another inch? (Momentum) changes. It doesn’t have to be offensive plays. It could be a block. It could be a penalty kill. We want to gain momentum back on our side. “I think (the first two games) have been a hell of a lot more even than a lot of other people think,” Tortorella added. “It really doesn’t matter. We need to win a game. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the other two. We need to win a game and that is all we are thinking about.” As to what makes him thinks so, or what he likes from what he’s seen from his team, Tortorella said, “I’m not going to get into dissecting things. I think we’re close. I will put it to you that way. it means squat if you don’t win.”