The world is clearly not unfolding as it should for the Vancouver Canucks any time you’re losing to the Florida Panthers at home, but an argument can be advanced that all teams are going to go through something like this. Take a look at Detroit. They’d lost eight straight at home, until Thursday night. Anaheim has lost five in a row. Colorado is coming back to the pack a little and San Jose has had their occasional problems as well, even though they appear to be as good as any team in the conference. And when you look around the league and see how few penalties are being called and hence how few power plays there are, it hardly helps a team with the best penalty killing. Fewer goals are being scored all around the league, and while nobody has dropped off offensively to the point where the Canucks find themselves recently, you can argue Vancouver is just going through a rough patch and that all teams are going to go through such stages. And they probably will at some point. Scoring goals in this league isn’t easy and the Canucks haven’t exactly been blessed with a lot of luck either. The tying goal against San Jose was the epitome of a bad break. Granted, they should have put the game away earlier with the wide edge in play, but the way they lost was tough. When was the last time you saw a team get cheesy hooking penalties in back-to-back home games in overtime? Henrik’s cost them against the Sharks, and while they killed off the one to Chris Higgins in the Florida game, the loss of two minutes to try to win didn’t help.