There was a time this season where Torrey Smith looked like the deep threat the Eagles expected. When he caught that 59-yard touchdown pass in Week 5 against Arizona, things were going swimmingly. Through five games, he had 13 catches for 204 yards, an average of 15.69 yards per catch. That was a long time ago. Since that game, Smith hasn't had a catch of more than 11 yards. "I'm not worried at all," Smith said from the locker room at Angel Stadium this week. "Now, if I was out there getting locked down and couldn't run past somebody, I'd be a little nervous because that's been my strength. But it's the same old thing to me." Smith, 28, claims he's still been blowing past defenders this season, but the ball simply isn't coming his way. The flow of the game. There's only one football to go around. All that stuff. But the stark difference from the first five games to the last seven is pretty glaring. In the first five, Smith had catches of 59, 30, 24, 22, 14 and 14. And he hasn't had one over 11 yards since. For whatever reason, Smith hasn't been the deep threat the Eagles brought him to Philly to be. He hasn't even been the same deep threat he was earlier this season. "It's been a few games," offensive coordinator Frank Reich admitted. "We have stuff in every week to get our guys, all of our receivers vertical. Every week we make sure that there are opportunities to get the ball downfield to each one of those guys."