The Toronto Raptors held their first of many draft workouts at the Air Canada Centre on Thursday. Brampton-raised point guard Tyler Ennis, who spent one year at Syracuse, was the only player who would be in consideration for the Raptors’ first pick, the 20th. However, Masai Ujiri conceded that he would be surprised if Ennis were still around when the Raptors picked. That brought up another logical point — the possibility of trading up to land a player that they like. As any responsible general manager does, Ujiri said he would consider all options. However, it seems unlikely that Ujiri would try to move up in the June 26 draft to land Ennis, Mississauga shooting guard Nik Stauskas or any other player. “The one thing I say about the draft is we all fall in love with it the day of, a couple days before,” said Ujiri, the Raptors’ president and general manager. “I never let my [staff] or myself get hopeful that we’re going to move up. We want to study 20 and figure out 20. If you’re hoping for [a trade], there are 29 other teams that are hoping for the same, and 29 other teams that are trying to do other deals. I’ve been heartbroken a couple times. I’ve learned not to rely on that at all.”