Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors says he would like to play for Team USA in the 2020 Olympics. One problem: Thompson should not play high-level basketball at all, not for two years.

At least that’s what the science says.

A paper presented by Dr. Tim Hewett, a consultant who spent the bulk of his career studying the biomechanics of the knee for the Mayo Clinic and as the director of Ohio State’s Sports Health and Performance Institute, and Dr. Christopher Nagelli of the Mayo Clinic, finds that athletes who suffer ACL tears should not return to action for two years.

Thompson suffered a torn ACL during the NBA Finals in June. He is likely to miss all of next season if the Warriors stick to the standard protocol on returning players to the court after ACL injuries, which is nine to 12 months. Thompson could return to the floor around midseason if the Warriors put him on an accelerated return track.