Both the American and National League have clear contenders for their respective Cy Young Awards this season, but the outcome of each race is still murky as we head into the final weeks of the season. There’s a lot to consider in the races for both leagues. Here’s a look at the top five contenders for the Cy Young in each league. American League 5) Dallas Keuchel, Astros The neck issue that robbed Keuchel of two months’ worth of action also likely robbed him of any realistic chance to win the Cy Young award. The 2015 winner hasn’t quite been as good as he was that year, but he hasn’t been a lot worse, either, with a 1.12 WHIP and a 2.96 ERA. Prior to Justin Verlander’s late arrival from Detroit, he was the undisputed staff ace. If not for that injury — and a couple of ensuing hiccups as he worked himself back into game action — he’d be higher on this list. 4) Craig Kimbrel, Red Sox Some people are hesitant to cast a Cy Young vote for a reliever, but in a year where the front-runners for the award are so obvious, those that aren’t will probably be backing Kimbrel. After all, Kimbrel has been the AL’s best reliever this season. He has a 1.38 ERA, 121 strikeouts in 65 innings, 33 saves, and the second best WHIP of his career at 0.66. He may even be poised to strike out over 50 percent of the batters he has faced — a feat that only he has accomplished. He’s been dominant — walks are low, strikeouts are high, and opponents have only managed to hit .133 off him. That’s pretty close to untouchable.