Uncertainly still surrounds the 2020 MLB season, but the business of baseball will inevitably march on no matter what. Numerous top players will be entering the final season of their contracts in 2020, and most of them should get significant contracts once the season ends as long as they perform to their capabilities.

Here are the top five free agents set to hit the market after the 2020 season.

5. Marcus Stroman, P, Mets

Stroman’s youth will work heavily in his favor as he heads to free agency. The pitcher will be 29 when he hits free agency, and he could get a lot of money if he has a strong year with the Mets. Stroman’s 3.76 career ERA is good, but could get even better in the NL at a favorable pitcher’s park. If that happens, Stroman will be in very high demand as a quality pitcher who is still fairly young and should have a lot of mileage left on his arm.